Quad System

Quadraphonic (or Quadrophonic and sometimes Quadrasonic Sound– equivalent to what is now called 4.0 surround sound– uses four channels in which speakers are positioned at the four corners of the listening space.

QUAD Sound Evo6 – F215 – BR221 or F1248

Evo6eh, 8 F215mk2, 8 BR221 or 8 F124
Optional Infra with F132 or BR132
3 Vero amplifier racks (Lab Gruppen PLM20k44 and FFA10k)
Mixer Allen and Heath DM32
Live and DJ full range high output with coverage up to 1500 persons
Power Requirements – 3 phase/400 amps

All of these systems can be scaled to match the coverage needs of your particular event.

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